My research centers on state responses to political threats and their enduring consequences. I leverage comprehensive area knowledge, proficiency in GIS, expertise in archival digitization, and statistical acumen to analyze how political elites react to both domestic and international threats. I investigate the policies they enact and explore the lasting consequences of their actions.


1) Popescu, Bogdan G. 2023. Imperial Borderlands: Institutions and Legacies of the Habsburg Military Frontier. Cambridge University Press. Read the table of contents and intro.

2) Popescu, Bogdan G. Islam, Sultans, and the Printing Press. Under Review. Read the table of contents and intro.

Peer-Reviewed Publications

1) Popescu, Bogdan G. and Jugl, Marlene, 2024. Civic Associations, Populism, and (Un-)Civic Behavior: Evidence from Germany. Political Science Research and Methods. OnlineFirst. Journal Version | PDF

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Working Papers

Frontiers of Resilience: Borders as Strategic Buffers (with Harunobu Saijo (Hiroshima University), Crystal Jing Xu (Chinese University of Hong Kong), Anna Zhang (Facebook))

Cuius Regio, Eius Religio: Indirect Rule and Conversion to Islam in the Early Ottoman Empire

God Save the Queen’s English! How Industrial Revolution Migration Shaped the English Language

Communism and Development: Legacies of Collectivization in Romania (with Leonid Peisakhin (NYU))