Assignment 4


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March 25, 2024


Please submit your assignment as html file to me via email. Please call your assignment: “yourname_assignment4.html”. For example, I would submit submit something called “popescu_assignment4.html”. Please make sure that it is all in lower case. Please answer all the questions below.

Notice that some questions have more points than others. The maximum points on this assignment is 39.

1 Question

Total points: 2

Download the provided dataset containing air quality measurements from various monitoring stations in major cities in the US. Load it in R using the `read.csv’ function. The original data is from the US Environmental Protection Agency.

Calculate the number of PM2.5 stations per state. Your map should be as close as possible to what you see below. To get full points you need to

  • Aggregate correctly the stations for the Pollutant Standard, “PM25 24-hour 2012” and for the Parameter Name “PM2.5 - Local Conditions” (1 point)
  • Use a viridis scheme (1 point)

Your output should look like below: