Welcome! I am an Assistant Professor in Political Science at John Cabot University in Rome, Italy. Previously, I taught at the University of Oxford and I was a postdoctoral researcher at Bocconi and Princeton. I received my PhD in Political Science from the University of Chicago.

My research and teaching interests focus on state management in peripheral regions and their enduring ramifications. I draw on extensive archival research, and computational methods and employ quantitative analysis of observational data and narrative evidence. My first book – Imperial Borderlands: Institutions and Legacies of the Habsburg Military Frontier (Cambridge University Press, 2023), focuses on how historical states adopt distinct institutions in border areas and their long-term consequences. My second book, Islam, Sultans, and the Printing Press scrutinizes the historical disparities between the Middle East and the West. It specifically investigates the long-term legacies of the delay in the adoption of the printing press in the Ottoman Empire.

My research was published in leading peer-reviewed journals, including Comparative Political Studies, Journal of Conflict Resolution, and Quarterly Journal of Political Science, among others.